BEFORE your hiking booking

Where is your hiking area on the island of Mallorca?

Our centrepiece is the entire Tramuntana Mountains. But also, the north with Alcudia, the middle with Randa, the south with the Cap Blanc and many other attractive hiking destinations in Mallorca you can experience with us.

What awaits me?

In the foreground of our hikes is the enjoyment and experience of the incredible landscape. The fun and the joy of hiking. Get everything you need to know about Flora & Fauna. Insights into local life, country and people. And the small culinary highlights of simple and genuine Mallorcan cuisine.

What personal equipment do I need as a prerequisite for the hike?

Proper weather clothing depending on the season of the hike.

Solid, stable and run-in hiking boots with a good profile, hiking backpack, drinking bottle, headgear against the sun and rain protection are required.
Telescopic walking sticks are an advantage and make hiking easier.

What physical requirements do I need for the hike?

Good condition, sure-footedness and best health are absolute prerequisites for each of our hikes.

When is the best time to book my hike with you?

As soon as you know that you want to spend your guided hiking holiday in Mallorca with us. You know your fixed travel date and have already booked your flight, transfer and hotel in the best case.

How do I book my hike?

You have different options to book with us. The easiest way is to use our contact form on our website. But also, by phone, What’s app, Instagram, Facebook or E-mail.

How do I pay for my hike?

This is very simple with us: on site before the first hike in our hiking shop or on the 1st day of hiking before we start. With us you have the possibility to pay in cash or with the following credit cards (VISA, MasterCard and Maestro).

What is the difference between a hiking week and hiking with you?

Everything can be booked flexibly with us. The way you like it best. You can book the hiking week as a complete week or choose only single days from it. You can make a hiking week out of the day tours or book only single days.

Is there a minimum number of participants for the hikes?

Yes. 3 people.

Is insurance included in the price?

Yes. It serves your security during your hike with us. This is an accident and liability insurance under Spanish law of AXA.

What happens if I have to cancel my booked hike?

Compared to almost all other providers, we have never had cancellation fees and will not exist in the future. We always rely on your word that you do not take advantage of this and take part in your booked hikes. It would be a pity to miss such an experience.
We are a small owner-managed company and in the event of a short-term cancellation we can no longer allocate these places and bear the loss. We organize everything very personally and lovingly in advance and hope that you will treat us with just as care and care. Thanks ♥

Are the places on the hikes limited?

Yes. We have 2 private minibuses with 8 guest places each plus mountain guides. This means that we usually hike with a maximum of 8 people per mountain guide.

What if I want to sign up for a larger, closed group?

This is also possible. Just ask us and we will find your personal solution.

Can I book a hike with my own mountain guide exclusively alone, as a couple or family?

The exclusive price and availability are available on request.

Can I book my hike on site and where?

We can be found for you on site in our hiking shop at the harbour. Here you will find one or the other free space for our hikes at short notice. You should then be flexible in the selection, because the popular hikes are always booked out from home.

Is it possible to rent walking sticks at Mallorca Muntanya?

We have various telescopic poles, which we are happy to rent on site for a small fee. However, these are really limited and therefore it is advisable that you bring your own sticks if you really need them.

What do I have to bring with me on a hike with Mallorca Muntanya?

Hiking backpack, drinking bottle, at least 1.5-2.0 liters of water, sun protection, headgear, possibly telescopic walking sticks, fruits, biscuits, nuts or energy bars for in between, bubble patches, rain protection. Don't forget your camera for great memories.

And what is very important: Leave a little space in the backpack for the picnic, which is distributed by us in the morning at the starting point. Because everyone has to carry a part of the common picnic, so that we can let ourselves go well in the wild at noon.

When is the best time of year in Mallorca for hiking?

The whole year has its advantages. The almond blossom and the spring-like temperatures in winter, orange scents and sun full in spring, hiking and bathing in summer. The golden light, the warm sea and the "Indian Summer" in autumn. Mallorca offers year-round dreamlike and different hiking experiences.


What do the coloured hiking boots mean in the hiking descriptions?

Green = Easy to moderate hike
Yellow = Moderate to severe migration
Red = Heavy to demanding hike or climbing tour

IN your hiking holiday

How do I get from the airport Palma to Port de Sóller without a car?

By bus (line 1) from the airport to downtown Palma to Placa Spain. From there, you can take the bus from the underground bus station directly to Port de Sóller (line 203 or 204).
Special tip from us: A beautiful and romantic train ride with the famous "Red Train" from Palma to Sóller and from there with the antique tram to Port de Soller.

Where can I find your Mallorca Muntanya hiking shop in Port de Sóller?

We are easily to be found on the harbour promenade. At the circular harbour in the middle, opposite the tourist information, the terminus of the tram – behind it we are!

When should I be at the meeting point?

You should always be on time as indicated in the hiking program. But if you like to be more relaxed, then come 10 minutes before and enjoy the morning by the sea.

At what time do the hikes end?

The time varies depending on the hike and the length of the return journey. Usually between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m.

Which services are included and which are not?

Included services:

Local insurance by AXA, all trips with private minibuses, train and boat trips, local, trained english-speaking mountain tours, finca right-of-way and tolls, local picnics incl. Mallorquin red country wine or hot lunch during the hikes.

Not including services:

In the restaurants, the drinks are not included in the hiking-price.

What happens in bad weather?

The weather in Mallorca is often very different from region to region. We therefore always try to start with the respective hikes in the morning. But if the weather overturned and we can no longer guarantee your safety, then we will of course stop the hike. Since we are at home all over Mallorca, we certainly offer you a creative weather-related alternative, so that even such a day becomes an unforgettable hiking experience.

What are the realities of the hiking trails?

The hiking trails in Mallorca are almost exclusively privately owned and very often stony, sly and covered with cutting grass. Therefore, a firm, well run-in hiking shoe is essential, with a good profile. Telescopic walking sticks are also an advantage.

What is important about altitude anxiety and head of heights?

Almost all hikes are very manageable despite a fear of heights. There are no exposed spots. However, some demanding climbing hikes require a head for heights. Talk to us personally again if you are unsure.

Surely you have some good insider tips for me, don't you?

Yes, of course, as locals we have a lot of interesting information and tips to make your holiday with us an unforgettable experience. Just talk to us on site, because we are happy when you visit us in our hiking shop at the harbour.


AFTER your hiking holiday

Where can I rate Mallorca Muntanya with my positive impressions?

We look forward to positive opinions and nice reports from you. On Facebook, Instagram and Google.

When will the new hiking program for the coming year be available?

Mostly in november.